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Fragments from Floyd

Mount Rogers Rally May 6-7

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If you are planning to attend this year’s Mount Rogers naturalist rally on May 6 and 7, hopefully you have sent in your registration for the Friday evening meal.

I have the feeling that this year’s attendance will set new records——especially if the weather cooperates——and if you’ve never been before, this would be a great time to take your children and some of their  friends for a nature—centered weekend among experts and amateurs in one of the most beautiful and  biologically—interesting parts of Southwest Virginia.

I am pleased to find that I will be able to crudely hold my Nikon D 200 in my casted left hand. It won’t be  pretty, but it will be possible! I’m also very happy that a local Floyd friend has offered us the use of his  vintage Volkswagen bus, since the idea of sleeping in a sleeping bag or the back of a car with this sarcophagus on my arm was not a happy thought.

And just a reminder for those of you who might be able to come to Blacksburg library tomorrow night at seven o’clock. I will be there with my digital multimedia program, and hope to see you there.





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