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Fragments from Floyd

A Lot of Creatures Celebrated in Ten Years

Four-inch millipede very common on Goose Creek

“Mute, slow-moving, rhythmically graceful. Enshrined in armor, room after room–a train of identical cars passing slowly at my feet,

Ancient. unchanged through cataclysmic extinctions, feeding on natures left-overs without complaint.

Unfamiliar feared crawling repulsive to many, wonderful in symmetry, marvelously hinged, hidden.”

From Fragments first year, first decade of celebrating invertebrate imaginings, petaled possibilities and global grievances du jour. It’s the anniversary of the blahblahblog’s 10th, so likely some other selections from the good years of blogging before I shut up and crawl back in my cave.

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6 thoughts on “A Lot of Creatures Celebrated in Ten Years”

  1. Hey Fred, Love your photo and post today (I guess I missed it the first time around): it brings a favorite memory of taking our 4-year-old granddaughter from Minnesota on her first hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains – her favorite thing was a millipede.
    Your blog was the first I ever read regularly, and it’s one of the few that I still read as often as I can. Thank you!

  2. May the next ten be as fun… And provide as much inspiration for introspection. I have enjoyed the trip with you.

  3. We all know you have more to say, and there are many ears ready to listen – so don’t head for that cave any time soon!

  4. Your blog is the only one I still read, and I’ve been reading from about 2004, I believe. That says it all. Keep on blogging!!

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