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Fragments from Floyd

Creature Feature Et Cetera

Sorry I was too lazy/busy this morning to crop this image as I should have. It depicts a true act of friendship–that my buddy would lend a hand as a platform for display of this lovely Rhinoceros Beetle we came upon in downtown Floyd last week.

And that, my friends, is about as focused as I can be today. Too much else going on. Following on the heels of…

…yesterday’s trip to Draper Merchantile for the Wayne Henderson performance and a great meal. Thanks to Liza Field for helping to pull this together. It was good to see familiar faces from our former Presby Church in Blacksburg, from our once-upon-a-time lives in Wytheville, and from the NRV Land Trust–whose fall celebration is coming up this coming Sunday.

And BTW, my books are now for sale at the Mercantile, as the folks there were very accommodating, even with the large crowd on hand last night. It was a good experience to be there–and to get there. Driving over with friends, we met at Riner and took the back way along Lead Mines and Lowman’s Ferry bridge, avoiding the interstate entirely.

And on a completely different note–and yet another bad-dream-inducing sea story: take a look at the 10 foot long Bobbitt worm (a polychaete named after Lorena, who some of you–especially maybe the guys–will remember.) This creature is truly remarkable in the predatory jaws area, and even given all my early focus on invertebrates, I’d never even heard of it.

You can bet this creature has inspired more than one science fiction other-worldly predator. Watch the movie, see if you agree.

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