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Friday SHoRTs

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&tc… This has been a difficult fern to make look nice, because unlike yesterday’s featured pteridophyte (Osmunda cinnamomea) that had feather-duster distinct spore-producing separate stalks, this Interrupted Fern (same genus) looks like it forgot what it was doing, interrupting the leafy sterile frond for a few iterations of spore-producing pinnae, then resuming its green photosynthetic tasks.

&tc… Funny how time heals–even very tiny wounds. I’d almost forgotten. In the garden this week, I’ve been so intent on my planting I haven’t dwelt on the stingy itchy spots down next to my scalp and on my arms. I just remember to wear a cap and a long sleeve shirt and go on. But it occurred to me yesterday: hey, these are not your plain vanilla gnats. I’ve only one or two years before felt that invisible irritation, but never before the middle of June: Noseeums. Biting midges so small you can fit three on the head of a pin. Dang global warming.

&tc… Places of Our Lives: a Visual Essay. That’s what I’ve tentatively titled a program I’ll be giving twice in October. The plan is to take three “makes a point” essays and illustrate them with digital images. The chosen pieces are (1) Child’s Play: Addressing Nature Deficit Disorder; (2) Calling Them By Name–that encourages folks to learn to identify trees, birds, wildflowers etc as a way of gaining appreciation and respect for our personal environments); and (3)Where I am Married–that talks about sense of place, particularly mine for where we live our lives.)

&tc… I plod with the iPod. Personally, I’d ditch iTunes if I could. I’d expected more of Mac. Even so, I’m manually adding and deleting now, and it’s working okay. Yesterday I loaded an mp3 book-on-CD (not exactly a streamlined process but it works) and with my new Sony Earbuds purchased at BestBuy in South Dakota, I’m happy. I also found most of my lost music library on CD’s hidden in the wardrobe. I used to take these to work years ago–Beatles, Lettermen, lots of classical stuff, Harry Nilsson. NeoLuddite wife Ann still gives me grief, which I accept, having had lots of practice.

2 thoughts on “Friday SHoRTs”

  1. I enjoyed your essay on gardening in the Press last week, Fred. I hope it goes better this year.

  2. The kids thought I needed an iPod some years ago. I didn’t know what I would do with it, but now I put short stories on it and listen to them on my walk to work.

    Nice photo of the fern, despite your modesty!

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