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Fragments from Floyd

Living on Earth Vs Planet Winter

Winter is a kind of semi-suspended hibernation. The days are short. Many are drismal and brisky and not pleasant or even tolerable for the kinds of outdoor things you do on a less inhospitable planet.

Maybe it is that deprivation of lifeforms for the long months of winter tht makes me giggle to see a video creature-feature like this one–that, and the incredible macro-tracking of things smaller and odder than most of what you see by way of the camera lens in motion very near the ground or up in the trees. How did they do that!

By all means, go to full screen. Call in the kids. Cover their eyes when the praying mantis has lunch.

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6 thoughts on “Living on Earth Vs Planet Winter”

  1. Wow, indeed! What an incredible video! Of course, I’m now afraid to go outside with all of these guys prowling around.

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