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Fragments from Floyd

On Not Killing Our Environmental Puppies

Yesterday, your neighbor’s yellow lab gave birth to a litter of puppies.

Today, the owner has made up his mind to do one of the following: to turn them outdoors to fend for themselves in the heat and take their chances with the traffic; to poison them outright; or to simply ignore their whining there in the next room until they die from starvation.

The dogs are his. They live, however briefly or unwell, on his private property. But if we heard about irresponsible treatment of creatures in this way, we’d think it fitting that the local sheriff visit your neighbor to explain to him the consequences of reprehensible treatment to animals. Animal cruelty is a behavior universally abhorred – against certain cherished and cuddly animals, at least.

And yet some very vocal people of our times are convinced that a godless, liberal, socialist one-world-government conspiracy is ramming down our throats the notion that other animals than pets have “rights” that limit how they ought to be treated.

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2 thoughts on “On Not Killing Our Environmental Puppies”

  1. It is interesting that you initially wrote this in the Obama era. The passion sounds as if Trump is in power. You are speaking hard truth to us all.

  2. Love this piece, Fred! To think that neighboring counties have wildlife killing contests in which prizes are awarded for killing the most, the biggest and even the smallest coyotes, foxes, bobcats or raccoons is disheartening. We need to raise awareness and outlaw such exploitation of our wildlife.

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