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Fragments from Floyd


As if I needed any more tools or toys to play with — this morning, as I am finishing up last minute ideas about my presentation tomorrow night to the New River Valley chapter of the Native Plant Society, I run across an application created by the same individual who developed Scrivener, the wonderful appication I use regularly for writing longer documents.

This application is called SCAPPLE (beta) and is a unique tool for brainstorming — just exactly what I need this morning. So here is my “so what” response to what we do about nature deficit disorder in our children, in early draft. Click the image for a larger view.

And for additional resources directly or peripherally related to how we enter the Anthropocene with the new relationship with nature, click this link . This  will take you to pictorial resource of related webpages (a “mural”) using an application called Double-click any image in the collage to preview that webpage; go to open in new tab to see it in its original location.

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