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Fragments from Floyd

The Blandest Month

By the Ides of March–one very long month away–today’s monochrome, its olfactory emptiness and the affective flat nothingness of February will have passed. And good riddance to the most difficult month.

And even then, we’ll be stuck in time, forever in Neither-Nor. For the full nose and spectrum of Planet Earth, another month will pass. And then–mid April!

Ah, life at its fullest bouquet and palette and vocabulary of expectation.


4 thoughts on “The Blandest Month”

  1. If not for the flat nothingness and Neither-Nor periods of recovery and rejuvenation, April would not be so sweet. There is something good, in all parts of the cycle.

  2. Every month is the same here in So Cal. I have a hard time conceiving of what February is like back east. No seasons to revolve through here, except for the changing of the length of the days (which is a big deal to me.)

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