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The Contented Zoologist: Mid Feb 2017

My MS degree from Auburn (just after the last Ice Age) was in Vertebrate Zoology. I would have been just as happy–if not happier–if it had been in Invertebrate Zoology since there are a gazillion times more animals without than with backbones.

And they have had oodles (another highly scientific word) more time to show up with bizarre, worthwhile and “clever” adaptations to life on Earth.

And it has never been easier for an armchair BoZo (I go both ways, botanical and zoological) to explore the world of animal wonders. How could I possibly keep from sharing from time to time?

â–º This Crab Clones Its Allies by Ripping Them in Half – The Atlantic

â–º Why This Squid Has Mismatched Eyes – Newsy Story

â–º This new gecko species slips out of its scales to escape danger – e-danger

â–º New beetle species poses as an ant’s BACKSIDE | Daily Mail

2 thoughts on “The Contented Zoologist: Mid Feb 2017”

  1. So that’s the origin of “Bozo”! The crab and beetle fascinated me. Wonderful, the way they have adapted. Wonder how the human species is going to adapt to the loss of the use of fingers, since only thumbs are needed to text?

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