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Fragments from Floyd

The Other Rail to Trail: NRV Trail


Sort of a busy week ahead, with many hours of sitting in metal folding chairs. Committee animal this boy is not, and yet I will be because it is required. Hopefully the human end can tolerate the required hours to achieve the organizational means.

At the end of the week, on the other hand, I expect to be entertained in pleasant surroundings–by Wayne Henderson and friends.

And to visit Draper Merchantile for the first time. [Directions]

The occasion a celebratory focus on the New River Trail–a 57 mile linear bike park that for a good bit of its length follows the New River.

I confess, with regret, that other than walking a few miles on it, I have never really explored this regional jewel–another reclaimed rail bed available for all kinds of recreation and study.

So I’ll be there this Sunday. Click the image to see the larger version for details. See you there!

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