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Fragments from Floyd

Virginia’s Mountain Salamanders

Kevin Hamed is a regular participant and field trip leader at the Mt. Rogers Naturalist Rally, and presented a great Friday evening program this past May, highlighting both the wonderful diversity and the real threats to the continued existence of the southern Appalachian’s mountain salamanders. Read more in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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5 thoughts on “Virginia’s Mountain Salamanders”

  1. Hi Fred, Enjoyed your video on the Appalachian “Mountain Islands.” These island of salamanders are truly remnants from our ice age. such an interesting piece — Thanks — barbara

  2. Are there any species of salamanders in Floyd County? Years ago, when I visited Vermont, I remember seeing salamanders – very intriguing creatures!

  3. Sure, we have salamanders, but not as many as Mt Rogers. I can’t remember any likely habitats on your place, Jeff, but find a seep or branch, turn some logs (then put them back in place) and some flat rocks along the edge of a stream and you’ll turn some up.

  4. My 2nd grader is looking to start a endangered species day at her elementary school here, in Herndon, VA. She is planning it in May, to corrospond with the national endangered species day she read about online. Any guidance or direction from you would be appreciated.

    Ruth McCoy Miles’s mom

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