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Widgets, Gadgets, GeeJaws and Thingies

Fading into Fall
Image by fred1st via Flickr

Another day, another way to share my where. As I say in an upcoming essay, we are increasingly becoming Homo photographicus.

This morning, for a buck from the App Store, I downloaded the 360 panorama app I was so eager to try once it installed that I didn’t even change out of my bedroom slippers or put on a jacket.

Let me know if you can view and pan in this 360 panorama standing out by the mailbox.

I downloaded Photosynth a week ago, but it is a Microsoft program and they seem to want to make it as difficult as possible for someone with a Mac and an ancient Yahoo account to gain access to the site for storing “synths.”

Instagram, I still don’t get except you can tweak in a few ways the photo properties you can tweak in a hundred ways with Photoshop.

Later today I’ll put the growing (if very beta) video link to YouTube videos taken with the iPhone, and soon, more and more with the Flip Mino.  Here’s my YouTube Channel link for what it’s worth.

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5 thoughts on “Widgets, Gadgets, GeeJaws and Thingies”

  1. The panorama shot works just fine for me. I”m going to have to see if something similar is available for the Android. I finally upgraded my mobile phone last week.

  2. That’s a great panorama Fred! We really appreciate you sharing about it on your blog.

    One additional feature I want to make sure you know was available, once you upload your panoramas you can embed them into your webpage (directions here: ), one of our users even made a WordPress plugin to make it super easy (more on that here:

    Thanks again for sharing about the app!

  3. Worked for me, even with Windows XP on dial up service.

    I’m impressed you somehow managed to avoid having your own shadow included.

  4. Yeah; how did you keep your shadow out?
    It was fun to see how all the different components of your property, that we have seen over the years, are related to each other.
    I watched one of your YouTube videos of Nameless Creek; then I went to a video of a 3 day backpack (your son’s?); then to a campout with 2 cute kids at Wheeler Gorge and Rose Falls, both of which I have been to many times. Who were they?
    All the videos were fun!

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