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Fragments from Floyd

Owning our Own Ecology

In part, this essay is born out of the current local discussion within the Floyd County Board of Supervisors about the best way forward for the county. The fork in the road offers the options of continued reliance on “cheap” fossil fuels (if price at the pump is the only cost) versus making the transition to other no- or lower-carbon energies, as well as a commitment to using MUCH LESS energy, wood, and the stuff we purchase at a low price but a high cost to the well-being of people and planet.

…The bottom line is: Neither humans or non-humans can live healthy lives on an unhealthy planet. We cannot achieve a shared ecology of wellbeing if our personal ecologies contribute to the depletion and ruin of the planets living systems. And there are so many of us now.

…Will we amend our failed relationships with nature and with each other while there is time? By definition, no unsustainable process, movement or culture survives.

Essay Towards a Whole Earth Ecology posted at and appeared in the Floyd Press on 4 Jan 2017. Read more…

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  1. I am so glad this was published in your local paper. You are off to a good start on your plan for 2018. I hope you are encouraged to continue with more work as the year unfolds.

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