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Fragments from Floyd

Small World After All

That season does not know season is certain. NASA is finding many examples to say our global calendars and clocks are out of sync with what we’ve been used to .

We notice small changes on Goose Creek–very small–in all the new anthills we’ve never seen before in anything like this number and this early.

And with regard to ants, we are not alone. Consider the plight of Houston, for instance, with teeming masses of an ant named after an intrepid exterminator–the Rasberry Ant, which “for obscure reasons, chew up the wiring inside things like pool pumps, computers, gas meters and fire alarms when they get inside them. Even the Johnson Space Center and Hobby Airport are on the lookout after signs of a Rasberry ant advance.”

They’re coming to take us away, haha, ho ho, hee hee…

4 thoughts on “Small World After All”

  1. I’ve noticed an abundance of ant hills in my yard this year. As long as they stay away from the house we have an uneasy truce.

    I’ve also got an abundance of weeds. However, after spending so much time at a horse farm I’m a lot less picky about my yard. It would be a fine small paddock if only homeowners would allow the horse 🙂

  2. Ants can do a number on those important electrical connections inside your roof-mounted a/c, too. They wait until the hottest day of the year, though.

  3. We could manage ant farms to eat computers and plastic in the junkyards. Maybe plastic is biodegradable after all, or at least mother nature has devised a species to make it so.

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