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Virginia Uranium: NIMBY

It seemed for a while that once again, politico-corporate greed would take precedent over Virginia citizenry’s need, and that Big Uranium would indeed leach its way into Virginia’s ecology.

Not so fast (and no great surprise): there’s been a lot of looking the other way, sheer incompetence, and at least a brief failure by those who stand to become uranium-rich to foist this act on the commonwealth.

Here’s an excerpt of findings leading to a (temporary at least) screeching halt to uranium activities in Virginia:

Based on DMME (Dept of Mines Minerals and Energy)  records, the report finds that, following exploratory drilling conducted by VUI, uranium and radium concentrations in groundwater from the Coles Hill uranium sites rose to the levels exceeding maximum concentration limits listed in the DMME-issued permit.  In the only groundwater monitoring well drilled by VUI since exploratory work began in 2007, the registered uranium concentrations were more than 50 times the maximum concentration level set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and radium 226 concentrations were more than 28 times the EPA’s maximum concentration level.

Read more about this important development at the Roanoke River Basin Association site:

PRESS RELEASE: Expand Current Uranium Mining Moratorium to Include Exploration

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