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Water Matters: Kids Care

I suppose I have been conditioned to expect disappointment when facing the recently-uncommon opportunity to speak to college-aged students.

On more than one occasion, the apathy and disrespect of classes at “real colleges” has left me saddened and discouraged, knowing that at least these groups of young people will not be the ones to pick up the torch in the struggle to save what is left of our planet.

So I was pleasantly surprised last night to find 20 students from the University of Delaware engaged, sincerely interested, respectful and mature.

The topic for their spring break was “water issues in the Blue Ridge of Virginia” and they elected to spend their time at this task–not for the credit or to avoid dysfunctional families or any of the other reasons I have heard for NOT going to the beach with the rest of their classmates in March. These students came to learn, and I have not had any other group of students–including at Radford University or Virginia Tech where I have guest-lectured–as attentive and appreciative.

You can find the link to the Prezi program (slide show thingy) along with links to some of the topics contained therein, at this MilaNote page.


2 thoughts on “Water Matters: Kids Care”

  1. Very good news that there are some of the next generation we can count on. I am happy for your good experience. I looked at your presentation, but did not have time to go through it now. I saw the graphic you recently posted about the bedrock water, and of course recognized the beautiful photos from around Goose Creek.

  2. I briefly looked at your presentation. Wow. You have become a true expert on hydrology and geology of the Appalachians! I loved seeing my old home town of Knoxville used to demonstrate part of the geologic story. I sure hope you are called on to give this lecture many times over the coming years. Again: WOW!

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