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Fragments from Floyd

Weather Deviants


So we come to the end of what has seemed to be a wet year in Floyd County. Not a record breaker here, but a good bit of a standard deviation from the norm.

We’re thankful the fractured rock reservoirs that hold our water are full to capacity. Springs and streams should flow all winter and into spring.

But if you want to put your weather into national context (find your state norms here) and compare your local normals (1981 – 2010 average) to this year’s figures, there are some great places to do that.

Recommended: National Overview – November 2015 | Precipitation Anomalies | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Note that the columns are sortable by clicking the headers.

Trust me, this will be a worthwhile ground-proofing of the extremes from way dry (Eugene OR) to way wet (Dallas TX).

Also bookmarked for more study and the “so what” of precipitation and temperature irregularities–go to Societal Impacts of Climate at the same information-packed resource. Climate Chaos trivializers, don’t even go there.

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