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Fragments from Floyd

Doggone. Been a Year Now

There are not many days that go by I don’t think about Tsuga, who left us so suddenly a year ago last night. There are so many things he did that Gandy doesn’t do, and we can’t help but compare.

But then, Tsuga’s successor has her own endearing charms and peculiarities we also will some day miss and mourn.

And life goes on.

Tsuga, a Rembrance, from a year ago. Part One Part Two

2 thoughts on “Doggone. Been a Year Now”

  1. I re-read your posts from last year, and had forgotten your plan to write a book about your dogs. I guess Gandy created too much of a distraction, with her new doggy ways, for you to be able to recall vividly the ways of dogs of your past. Oh well, time is a rushing river, carrying us along.

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