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Fragments from Floyd

Progressive Life in the Slow Lane

Or maybe not so slow after all?

This might not matter much to many, but those who use the Internet for work or study or research, the difference between waiting five minutes to download a 45 minute documentary on a topic and waiting 1.7 seconds adds up over a week when you do this countless times a day.

So as hard as it is to realize it is really gonna happen, Goose Creek Press will soon operate at GIGABIT download, 500mbps upload speeds.

Go to FastMetrics to see a bigger version of the graph above from that site.  Most households in Floyd County connect at 3mbps I think. Some less than that.

And thanks to Citizens Coop for making this happen. In my lifetime. If they hurry! Come on, folks, deferred gratification is not something I want anything more to do with after turning the corner on 70 before long.



2 thoughts on “Progressive Life in the Slow Lane”

  1. 45 minute vid only chosen since it was one of the comparisons on the chart. I benefit far less than my neighbor friend who has a biz in Germany and daily uploads and downloads videos he creates for his staff and customers. He has to upload overnight since it takes hours. Soon it would take seconds. As files get larger (movies and images) speed matters more. Having this capability keeps Floyd competitive in the info economy which helps hold off the smokestack businesses that many Floyd countians would like to see here.

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