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Fragments from Floyd

Dine for a Cause: SustainFloyd Souper Supper

The details of the event are on the card, click here or the image above for a larger version.

The date is December 9. Location: Floyd Country Store. Time: 6pm. Speaker Anthony Flaccavento. Everyone is welcome!

You’ll have to get dressed in your best jeans and boots and come to town on December 9 to get the full story of all that is coming together for good in Floyd County.

You’ll be especially pleased to learn of the organization’s efforts to bring about a local agricultural system that provides jobs, good local food and a shared sense of pride in Floyd County’s finest–crops of plants and of people–that together give this place its sense of vitality and enthusiasm for a shared future.

Many programs have been funded and are in place. More is needed NOW–in dollars, hours and ideas–to make these programs become an ongoing reality. If you live here (in Southwest Virginia and especially in Floyd County) come discover the energy and concrete on-the-ground efforts already underway.

There’s a place in all this for you, hopefully as an active participant!

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