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Fragments from Floyd

Not Nearly Busy Enough

So be among the first to know: and you might outta look fast, because this may never see the light of day beyond it’s late gestational stages here:

Down2Earth Micro-Tours and Talks is yet another time-sucker that might have sounded better on paper than it would turn out to be in real life as we know it.

Down2Earth QR CodeThe notion is to do something with my time, interests, skill set, experience and idle hands as we approach dual retirements here at Chez First.

The “products” include local walking tours of Floyd; nature hikes of short distance and intense attention to detail at a few places along the parkway; and a more visible and intentional presence for my various speaker passions.

The Down2Earth page is available by way of a TAB at Fragments from Floyd.

And more to come. Possibly. And details like times, dates, places and prices are subject to change when the rubber meets the dirt road. Or I will move on to the next whacky venture.

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