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Fragments from Floyd

Floyd County, VA: Blog Grand Opening!

Floyd Country Store Friday Night JamboreePlease stop by Southern Mountain Melodies, the brand new and still growing website for our friends Mac and Jenny Traynham. These local musicians are familiar faces (and voices) in Floyd, and it’s time their music gained a wider listenership.

This is a specially important time for them to become more publically accessible in as much as they will soon have two new CD’s available. You’ll learn about that on their blog.

And please turn up your speakers! There are THREE audio files (two excerpts and one full song) to sample their sound–traditional mountain, gospel and blue grass duets, solos and instrumentals you’ll enjoy.

Leave a comment, add them to your blogroll, and when the time comes, get yourself some CDs–and a couple for your friends! Watch their schedule for performances in and around Floyd!

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