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Fragments from Floyd

Floyd’s Land’s Sake 2012

There will be lots of demonstration-learning this year at Land's Sake

I’ve been tending other blogs this morning, getting ready for this year’s Earth Day event which, starting last year, is dubbed “Land’s Sake” and this year, is subtitled Field Forest and Farm.

Details are just coming together but the vendors from last year have been notified and invited back. Plus, this year, sales will be allowed for those earthcare-related products and services for vendors who apply and quality. Also vendors on a first-request basis will have the opportunity to speak to small groups on topics related to their products, services or expertise, either in small groups at their table station or from designated speaking areas that may include microphone and AV projection plus seating for 20-30 listeners.

Last year’s event was super–very well attended and with much energy and enthusiasm, even though we had flooding rains all day long.

Please check back to the web site at from time to time as the Land’s Sake 2012 program takes shape!

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