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Fragments from Floyd

HomeGrown in Floyd

Alert! Top Tomato Contest in Floyd this weekend at The Community Market at the Station. Click the image for larger version of the poster. Get your maters ready.

Alert! For the first time today, the SustainFloyd Refrigerated Truck will be stationed in the community–today and for the next 6 Wendesdays at Check Elementary on 221 toward Roanoke; and on Saturdays (I think also 3 to 6) at the Willis Mart area on 221 toward Hillsville.

And for those who want more or those who missed the first Market Breakfast, put September 22 on your calendar–same menu (with maybe some interesting additions), same folks plus some visitors, and same good time. Some 240 were fed on August 11, and I for one was filled with the warm fuzzies. Lotta fun!

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  1. What are the hours on that truck? You didn’t say. I would rather climb Bent Mtn to go to Check than to drive to downtown Roanoke.

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