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Fragments from Floyd

Inline Roadkill Prize Winner

Nearing home on the rising, curving single back-county lane of Daniels Run, a shape appeared and disappeared above the horizon of pavement, bobbing right then left, the bulk of this something hidden by the next hill my car would climb. I thought I was seeing things.

Reaching the crest, I thought I was seeing things.

A dude in his full Spandex Pointy-helmeted glory was speed-skating against traffic in the other lane, glancing casually over his shoulder as I passed heading uphill the same direction he was.

I didn’t look back to see what happened when the next oncoming car would have encountered him quite unexpectedly on a curve and just over the top of the hill.

But I did wonder how to submit a Darwin Awards nomination. And next pass down that road a few days later, I looked for his carcass in the ditch along with the bloated daily deer suicide victim. Unfortunately, his genes live on.

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2 thoughts on “Inline Roadkill Prize Winner”

  1. Speed skating on hilly rural road?? Too stupid for words! Likely also one of the fools (or a close relative) of those who routinely come to Richmond seeking repeal of VA’s helmet laws.

  2. I’m always amazed that the narrowest, twisty-turniest, hilliest country road around here is the one that all the cyclists like to ride on. It is nervewracking to drive out that way, when there could be a gaggle of bikers around any given curve.

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