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Fragments from Floyd

Keeping It Floyd

Build it, and they will come. And the building is underway.

But what will they bring with them, for good or ill? What will they take away? Will they stay? And will Floyd lose even as it wins?

The town of Floyd (a collective for lots of hardworking and persistent folks) has succeeded in funding a face-lift. Local merchants are taking the opportunity to revitalize and build. Changes are coming. You can read about them in this Roanoke Times | New River Valley Current article about the weekend events.

And how to balance preservation and change was a big part of the conversation on Saturday. Finding the point of “dynamic stability” is the work we face. And people are talking. Most are optimistic the balance can be found. No one is certain.

Photo of “downtown” from Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Keeping It Floyd”

  1. It looks like Mayberry, RFD. I doubt that Floyd can keep it’s reputation from spreading far and wide, which will bring rapid growth and change and ultimately will change the nature of the town and its people. It’s really too bad, but you can’t keep a good thing secret!

  2. I love the way your Main Street looks, especially the samll number of cars, and the available parking spaces. Oh, how I hope for you that you can prevent traffic jams, the bane of my Los Angeles County!

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