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Fragments from Floyd


I think I had something to say on perspective but I lost mine before I could get it down.

Somehow I ended up at If you use gmail, might want to give your google records a good look.

Under RECENT ACTIVITY/View all Events, and having received no alerts from Google whatsoever, I find a log-in to my gmail account from Washington DC less than a week ago. Weren’t me.

So if someone successfully logged into my account, I have to assume they had my password.

So whatever perspective I had and at an hour past and wanted to share has left the building. Having taken the first letters from the first line from an old favorite song for the new PW,  I will move onto other things.

The image entitled by the creator of the structure simply as  Benches, comes from a recent visit to Charlie Brouwer‘s outdoor art installation over on Alum Ridge. The next time he has an open house, go “Out There.” Click to enlarge.

2 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. I checked mine recently and noticed a login from Richmond, VA where I haven’t been. Turns out I was connected to a VPN (virtual private network) which routed me there that day. Like Chris says it’s not always reliable. The bigger issue with Gmail is that Google scans your email content and can use it for directed advertising to you or your recipients, or for more nefarious purposes if it chooses. Nothing in life is free.

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