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Fragments from Floyd


I’ll miss this last SustainFloyd movie (and turkey dinner!) of the season this Sunday, but maybe a few of you will plan to go. (If you do, I hear they need another few veggie dishes and desserts.)

Ground Operations [details for the event] is a short (40 minute) award-winning documentary. It tells the encouraging story of the ways that returning veterans from today’s divers wars are finding solace and healing in soil-based occupations.

It’s not a big stretch, I think, to connect this “green benefit” to the widely-known advantages of connecting city kids, autistic and ADHD kids and people in general with the outdoors. Re-naturing and re-localizing are elements in no small number of recent initiatives to scale back, slow down and reconnect with the natural world.

The pendulum swings.


2 thoughts on “ReGrounding”

  1. I remember a very stressful time in my life and some trips I took to a stream that was close. I needed to hear that white noise.

    When I see those images of some city schools on the news I don’t know what to think, it seems like a foreign land.

  2. One reason I think we are happiest of all the places we have lived while at Goose Creek is that we have the forest at hand and always the sound of the creeks through every season. there is good health in just waking up there every day for the past fifteen years.

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