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Fragments from Floyd

Save at the Sign of the Sock

Or so encourages the host of Prairie Home Companion who sends us to Bob’s Bank. It had such a homey sound and rural sense of scale. Laughable. Or maybe not.

Closer to home we have the Bank of Floyd. It conjures up for many a couple of short faux-columns on the old brick building next to Floyd’s Barbershop, Floyd presiding and standing outside under the spinning red and white barber pole waiting for his next white-sidewalls-and-a-shave customer.

However, the real BOF, while once held up to some criticism for its conservative way of doing business, is looking pretty solid these days.

Here’s one person’s spin on the situation. Or you can listen to the interview with Leon Moore, local bank president, on NPR from October 1.

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  1. Shoot! The NPR link doesn’t work – maybe there will be a story in the Floyd Press? How did NPR connect with the Bank of Floyd? That would be an interesting story.

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