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Fragments from Floyd

Short and Pithy: And Never Mind

At some point last year, we at SustainFloyd were considering creating hats and mugs (as first items in a possibly longer line) for sale as a source of revenue to support our programs–like the Farmer’s Market, the Refrigerated Truck, the VoltzWagon, and so on.

We have decided not to do this, after I brainstormed one afternoon for some possible merchandise taglines. I just found them in the dead-letter box in one of my idea cubbies. For what it’s worth then…

  • ….for tomorrow’s well-being
  • We are, each of us, a Force of Nature
  • We are ALL forces of Nature
  • Every day is Earth Day
  • Earth and Floyd County: I’d never live anyplace else.
  • Earth: I’d never live anyplace else.
  • Earth: I just wouldn’t stay here without you.
  • Floyd County, Planet Earth: No Place Like Home
  • Honoring today’s soil for tomorrow’s generations
  • One generation plants the trees; another enjoys the shade
  • Standing together for the common good
  • Today’s food and forests build tomorrow’s future
  • Restore, recycle, reuse, rethink
  • CO2: Just Say No
  • Not Missing the Age of Carbon
  • Floyd County Food: Hug a Farmer
  • Floyd County Nurtures Nature
  • Floyd County: We ARE the Environment
  • Just Give Peas a Chance
  • We Root for Trees and Peas
  • I’m in the Market for Good Food!
  • In the Market for a Taste of Floyd

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