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Fragments from Floyd

SustainFloyd: Welcome to Our New Web Home

Come explore the who, where and why of SustainFloyd

Yes, there has been a long period of months when either the site was not reachable or no new updates to it could be made. But that is all behind us now.

SustainFloyd is open to browsing visitors, volunteers, partners and donors. Do please come in for a whiff of that new-website smell. I think you’ll find the images and videos pleasing, the navigation effortless and the emerging picture of this organization an inspiration.

Our thanks to Heather Toro Derrick of Communicate Consulting for her terrific insights for design that reflect the mission of SF and for presenting our message with art and skill.

Granted, there is much yet to be done to bring the site content up to current status. So much has happened just in the past few months that we want to share, and so much coming soon you need to know about and plan for on your calendar!

Please bookmark and share this site with friends and those who work with other like-minded community organizations where you live. We’d love to get to know what is working to create a resilient local human and natural community in your part of the world.

Join US — get involved!

1 thought on “SustainFloyd: Welcome to Our New Web Home”

  1. Thanks for the update regarding the Sustain Floyd website! I’m really looking forward to seeing what has been going on lately in the community.

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