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Fragments from Floyd

Trouble in Paradise: What a Meth?

Odd. Not the kind of thing you expect to see parked near the church up on the hardtop–an armoured State Police vehicle–with the narrow bullet-proof windows, bristling with all sorts of communications and weapons-ready ports on the top, wide as a tank, and ready.

For what exactly? Nobody was inside when I came home from town at 2 pm today.

I would have to remember to tell Wife and ask if anything might lead her to believe our quiet valley had been the scene of a crime.

We are a bit on high alert, after hearing from a neighbor not many days ago that there is suspicion of a meth lab back up the mountain.

I had not gotten in the door good before Wife begins to tell about a half dozen cars speeding almost bumper to bumper down our  otherwise-sleep road, followed closely by an all-black car with some kind of insignia.

I smell drug bust. So far, nothing showing up on any of the news services.

I grieve that people resort to such poisons to make money. I hope they nail their sorry aspirins.

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