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Fragments from Floyd

Tuesday Tidbits

Just a couple of pointers and housekeeping updates on this (thankfully!) rainy day in near-spring on Goose Creek.

DO make note of the sidebar image for Floyd Earth Day (April 19) and the web page it points to (thanks, blogger David St. Lawrence). Note that on the page is a form to use to let the organizers know of your plans to attend as participant, vendor (info and free samples only) or as an interested “resource”. For the latter, you can leave the name of your company, a link to your web page, and some indication of your relevant experience, expertise or interest for the Water and Floyd theme that you can share in the general exchange and discussion on April 19.

Also, a couple of invisible changes of small note at Fragments: find the new “home page for info” link (sidebar) by way of squidoo to information about my various photographic and literary goodies. On that page, the “bio” link is currently to my info and mug shot at the Southern Nature Project page which I recommend for your perusal. Lots of good southern nature writers in the resources there you might not have been familiar with–plus those like Silas House and Rick Bass you probably already knew of.

And I got word this morning that my blogging buddy Jane P (Melinama) of Pratie Place blog will be part of a performing duo (the PratieHeads) at the historic 1908 Courthouse in Independence, Virginia on Saturday night, March 15th at 7 pm for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Heck, I may just wander over that way myself, see some friends in Galax for an early dinner (I haven’t warned them yet) as I’ll be a bachelor for a few days about then.

Oh, and speaking of the weekend, you might make a note NOW to change your clocks ahead an hour Saturday night–comes early this year, seems like–for Daylight Savings. Longer Days artificially induced on top of that nice thing the globe does this time of year, showing more of the northern hemisphere for longer and longer until the summer solstice in June.

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