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Fragments from Floyd

We Can’t Stop Climate Change. But We Can Act.

...for God so loved the world...
...for God so loved the world...

In the face of challenge, there is hope, McKibben said. “There’s no guarantee we’ve started in time,” he said of citizen action on the 350-goal. “But at least we’ve started.”

More than 4200 climate actions in at least 170 countries: yes, I think we’ve started. And finally, the churches are coming on board.  Here’s a good summary and recent talk by McKibben from the pulpit of Memorial Church as reported in the Harvard Gazette.

Join us (in the rain) in downtown Floyd on October 24 when our climate action (October 10) becomes a starting point for a future-generations focus on sustainability and resiliency in our local economy and community at the SplitRail Eco-Fair.

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2 thoughts on “We Can’t Stop Climate Change. But We Can Act.”

  1. Thanks for the links. They motivated me to e-mail my congregation members to participate in an Oct. 24 activity near us: a “human wave” all along the tide line in Los Angeles County.

  2. Just discovered your site and I find its content most informative. Not informative in a rigid way but through a tone of honesty and love for our world. Will continue to check in with you in the future. — barbara

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