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Fragments from Floyd

You Father’s Hardware: Farmers’ Supply

If they don't have it, you didn't need it.

What ever the opposite of writer’s block is, I have it. My brain and computer clipboard are gathering way more snippets of conversation-rich bits from recent daily threads than I can possibly focus on this morning. Mom is still here, and a friend that i’m helping with his digital-only (for now) book will be here shortly to sit at the computer and do some simple editing. Which will shift everything out of place in inDesign again and carry us back to reformat the whole of the 90 something pages and 20-something embedded images.

So will let this (iPhone) picture from Saturday suffice: the side of the local hardware store, Farmers’ Supply, located at the one traffic light in Floyd County at the intersection of our only busy roads, Highway 8 that runs north-south, and 221 that runs east-west between Hillsville and Roanoke.

If you come to Floyd, stop by Farmer’s Hardware. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, you probably didn’t need it after all.

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  1. Wow; usually business signs painted right on the brick of old, small- town stores are all faded, with the business they advertize long gone. A fresh, new sign of this kind is good to see.

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