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Fragments from Floyd

Four Year Pup


It was four years ago, July 6, that we took Buster on his last trip to town. It will soon be four years, August 17, that we brought Tsuga home to Goose Creek.

This is not a very good picture from a couple of weeks ago. And contrary to how it appears, he is NOT about to stand up and walk on his hind legs, but is running toward me, full out, laughing. It will serve as a placeholder, a reminder not to forget his anniversary of becoming a part of our lives.

Maybe I’ll indulge myself and reminisce. Meanwhile, the hemlocks, his namesake, continue to turn gray and give up the ghost.

6 thoughts on “Four Year Pup”

  1. we lost our little Lhasa Muffie on St Patrick’s Day, 3 years ago now. Sadie Mae, a delightful Yorkie/Bichon mix, is a year old tomorrow. With our 2 choc Labs, one elderly, one also one year old, we are surrounded by dog love.

    We have friends who prefer world travel to having dogs. They aren’t necessarily close friends!

  2. I will never forget reading your essay about Buster’s last trip, Fred – it liked to crushed me.

    I still have a photograph you sent me years ago – Buster standing in ankle deep snow on the banks of Nameless Creek – saved away on my hard drive.

    Give Tsuga a belly rub for me…

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