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Streaming the Ordinary: Small Pond Video

Just to indict myself and vindicate the folks at Vimeo, and since the link was not interesting enough to click, pig-in-a-poke, I put up the little garden clip I couldn’t get to work yesterday,.

I’d not tweaked a permission in settings to allow embedding. Vimeo is much more customizable than YouTube. This is both a strength and (for non-tweakers) a liability. As a baby video-photog, I’m creeping into it, especially with regard to adding more expenses to this aspect of digital story-telling.

I could purchase Final Cut Pro. I could subscribe to VideoBlocks for sound and visual clips. I could subscribe to Vimeo Plus for storage and access. That’s starting to add up some expense, especially for a hobbyist not likely to ever get any return for investment–not monetary, anyway.

But I’m ahead of where I was a month ago. FloydFest should be a challenge–to film an hour in several dozen blocks to get a three minute edited movie.

Garden 2012 from fred first on Vimeo.

Late June garden. Things come in so slowly in our cool valley, and the shorter days of sunlight between ridges makes gardening a challenge. This year, the heirloom “goose beans” and black beans climbing up the tomato cages hold promise. We’ll see.

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  1. Very fun to see your garden. Your veggies look extremely healthy to me. Seeing the dog and barn outside the fence was a treat, too.

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