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Fragments from Floyd


Slow Road Barn—Artwork by Ron Campbell

We will soon have two Ron Campbell originals at HeresHome: a full size framed version of the image of our barn and valley you see here; and a very comfy front porch swing.

Ron surprised me at the Sweet Providence quasi-event a few weekends ago when he pulled out the beginnings of a woodburning image on a future porch swing. Even in it’s penciled state, it was clear that this was our house! And by the time the pleasant afternoon at the Farm Store was over, he’d pretty near finished it. The depth of the image, using a single woodburning tip (I thought it would take 5 or 6 to do such detail work) was truly remarkable.

I imagine before long I can get Ron to shoot me an image of our porch swing and the woodburning image of the house. You’ll be impressed. And when you come visit, I’ll consider letting you sit on it. You’ll have to ask, nice-like.

BTW, Ron also has note cards with Slow Road Barn versions one (portrait orientation) and version two (the one above in landscape orientation). Both are available at Bells’ Studio in downtown Floyd. See both on Ron’s site, Dreamcatcher Meadows Farm.

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