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Fragments from Floyd

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

For the first time since the summer of 2012, our pasture got a haircut.

We’re at the mercy of those few who both want our pasture hay and are willing unpredictably to bring all the related machinery down into Middle Earth to get it.

That, and the vagaries of the season–last year, perpetually wet when the hay-folks spare time would have allowed them to come get it–makes our making hay an iffy proposition. We live from summer to summer, taking what it dishes out.

Some are too wet to cut it, some are too dry to grow it.

So all last summer, and this summer up until the last week of August, our field has been working on becoming a forest again. Even so, it made about 100 square bales, and the new grass is coming up fast.

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This really short really bad video was made with Instagram’s new Hyperlapse iphone app. Maybe some day I’ll have a suitable subject to take real advantage of the incredible image stabilization.

I’m thinking to run this from the hard top to the house with the camera in the dashboard caddy. You’ll see what it’s like getting to Middle Earth.

And that will, in all likelihood, bring about World Peace. You’re welcome.

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