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The Way We Were: Time Marches

I only have a few minutes of peace and reflection at the computer-with-coffee this morning. The reason is dental.

A gold crown came off while water-picking. As seems to be typical of dental emergencies, the timing was not convenient–on the night before a major snow storm, which was also the night before a planned trip out of state, which was also the night before Friday when the dentist office is closed anyway.

I barely managed to not lose it down the bathroom sink drain. I stuck it back in place. That was three weeks ago. I’d better not press my luck any longer, so off I go to the first available slot on the dentist calendar.

So in my hurried quiet moment this morning, I wondered about “this time last year” in a not-quite-infinite regression through blog-time. I do that not uncommonly–using the web-writing as a convenient and almost-always-rewarding, searchable memoir of life events.

And after sampling from from the WordPress Wayback, this morning, I invite you to make your own “Where and Who We Were There And Then” celebration of the Marches in your life.  How many can you remember?

And oh–one more March memory not in the linked March 28, 2012 blog post, this bit of trivia.

March 28, 1968 (the Early Pleistocene I think it was): My first date (blind, and with other handicaps to boot) with the woman that was to become my first wife. I think of her often.

She’s in the next room fixing her morning oatmeal.

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  1. I guess you are right about March being eventful. I secretly got married to my first husband in March 1961, and separated from him in March 1992. I was born in March 1943. My mom died in March 2003. I’m sure there are other big events out there that happened in March, but that is a pretty big list!

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