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Fragments from Floyd

Found: Looking for YOU? Give this Dog a Floyd Home. Anyone?

Lost dog looking for former OR NEW owner Immediately!

What a great way to start the new year: with a new puppy (lest he be put to sleep next week in Floyd.)

Breed: Beagle      Sex: male      Age: young (under 2 years)
found: seen running around downtown Floyd for several days by Exxon, Hardee’s & Food Lion.
picked up: at Food Lion the evening of December 29th.
*the Beagle will be taken to Floyd County Animal Control (for the opportunity to be reunited with his owner) on December 30th. Please contact Animal Control at 540-745-9365

5 thoughts on “Found: Looking for YOU? Give this Dog a Floyd Home. Anyone?”

  1. Good News! According to the “Lost & Found Pets – Floyd Va.” Facebook Page, they received an email this afternoon from a county representative stating that the Beagle was picked up this morning from Animal Control and released to the owner.
    What a wonderful end to 2011!

  2. This is great news. Thanks etna for the heads up on the missing dog — and especially on his having been found by the owner.

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