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Fragments from Floyd

Over Icy If Not Troubled Waters


It was a three-dog night. We came up one short. But there will be other opportunities yet to get up after midnight and throw an extra piece of oak on a fire that, despite its good intentions, is not quite equal to the task of keeping Herself warm til morning.

This weekend’s cold will be a glancing blow compared to the persistent “polar vortices” of the past two winters. There is that.

But it sets the stage for Monday’s sour-grapes smack on the cheek to love-dovey snuggles of Valentines. Check it out on the Weather Channel. This one looks likely to bring our first significant threat of ice. Doh!

Weather Underground is calling for 8-12 inches Monday–of ice pellets. Hunker down, homies.

And reminder to self: pull the board Sunday afternoon before it gets frozen in place with melt-flood waters flowing over it. How many times have we retrieved this plank from some distance closer than our creek crossing to the Atlantic? We’ve been lucky.

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