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Fragments from Floyd

Snow Globe Like the Present

IMG_3604GandySnow_480Words fail me this morning.

Well, that’s not exactly true. It’s more a matter of this morning’s words belonging to an 11 page grant proposal that had to be edited for a deadline–today; and a SustainFloyd website post about the upcoming Movie Night. Link Here.

This image I posted last week during the snow, but only at Facebook, I discovered. So some of you might enjoy seeing it. Larger version HERE.

I think it might show up in this week’s Floyd Press.

Image taken, needless to say, with the iPhone 5s–probably using ProCamera app, rendered in Photoshop, then mood added with Topaz Adjust 5 or Simply 4 filter tweaks, adjustment layer masks and paint with black. Snow scenes like this seem surreal to me, and that’s the feeling I like to impart to certain of the winter’s “snow globes.”

Also here’s a 30 second video from that same winter walk, using Steady app, which creates a nice snow-fall capture, though the dog failed to perform as soon as I turned the camera on.

[su_vimeo url=”″]


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