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Fragments from Floyd

The WHEREs We’re From

Spring. A time of new beginnings. A time to take nourishment from our roots to our winter-resting branches and grow a little taller–no matter how old we are.

And for this purpose–to give you an idea of the soil you grow in–I’ve posted a link to the Where I’m From template permanently in the sidebar. This “meme” is still circulating to good effect out there in the online world. And closer to home, even wife Ann sat down and wrote her own version for her reunion. Here’s mine.

Let me emphasize that my only role in this is to make available two things I didn’t have any part of creating: 1) the original poem by George Ella Lyon (which you can find via a link on the template page) and 2) the poem template with blanks and prompts that guide you to create your own version of George Ella’s original. I am simply the messenger.

I will see George Ella again this summer at Hindman at the Writers Workshop, and tell her once more how popular and poignant her work has been.

If you haven’t sat still long enough to ponder what you’d put in the blanks of the template, what are you waiting for? Finished, it will be a gift to your family. And to yourself. Trust me, it’s worth the time.

4 thoughts on “The WHEREs We’re From”

  1. I agree, it is definitely worth the time, and time is what it takes to remember all that needs to be remembered in order to complete this task. I thoroughly enjoyed doing mine.

    Do we get to read Ann’s?

  2. Oh no! Ann is the polar opposite of me with regard to public exposure. I was shocked she even did the exercise as it calls on the writer to divulge personal memories, and while that’s very much in my makeup, it is most definitely NOT in hers.

  3. Thank you for the link again. I will again print it out and hope to write my own. I know i would love it if I took the time to do it.

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