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Fragments from Floyd

Gnats Are Backkkk!

aggravation constellations

whine drone hum buzz
circling clouds tiny demons

touch tickle itch annoy
seething flocking fly specks

fester foil toil
climb claw crawl creep 

swear slap spit black
spots guilty droning

loss regret neglect
gnats circle follow spiral 

cluster wait return
penetrate dive down

ears eyes pores of thought
Outside waiting whirring nagging

driving me within


by Fragmented Farmer Fred

2 thoughts on “Gnats Are Backkkk!”

  1. ah, flying fiends
    living in rural France where cows outnumber people and you can pay for the dubious delight of having the contents of your ‘fosse septique spread over your neighbour’s fields, flies are a problem. I long for a fool-proof device for dispatching the little blighters but all I have is a swatter and nasty sticky tape that seems only to catch my hair…
    I sympathise
    At least my mouches don’t bite!

  2. Oh yes! I hate those tiny little monsters.

    I guess I must have an exceptional allergic reaction to them, but they love to bite only my eye lids, and the result is that my eye lids swell up to a huge size. Depending on the number of bites, my eyes have swollen so bad, I could barely see, and it takes a few days for them to go down.

    Using ice is not the answer. And the bites are so tiny, I really don’t even know when I’m being bitten, except that I see these tiny little monster swarms flying around.

    Since I figured out what it was that was making my eyes swell, I do everything I can to avoid them. Including running for cover any time I see those mean little swarms, any where near me. Kinda reminds me of an elephant running from an ant.

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