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Fragments from Floyd

Love While it Lasted

Well pffftttt. Bubble potentially re-inflatable but temporarily burst. I had my mojo working there for a while thinking I’d get this thing off to my top choice publisher and hear in 8-10 weeks. That’s what it says on their webpage submission guidelines. Send 20 pages and a cover letter.

Yesterday I bought a 2008 copy of Writers Market. Conflict.

For my chosen publisher, it says “send query first.” Nothing about unsolicited manuscripts.

Which is right? All-day meeting today, so I can’t send this thing off today as planned. And that’s a good thing: don’t want this much work to end up in the dead-manuscript pile at the PO.

Meanwhile, I’ll be thinking about how to turn this material I already have (images and text) into a presentation for future audiences, an alternative choice to Slow Road Home and the visual essay, Our Place in the World.

The Mac opens up new options for blending images and music/narration (vs Powerpoint before.) Wonder if iMovie does stills and transitions. Haven’t checked it out yet. If I have to purchase for this multimedia project, what? Ideas?

Writers Market. Depressing. Overwhelming. Typical: “Publishes 24 books a year, receives 3500 submissions. Six months to reply, then one year to publish. Author gets 7% royalty.”

Versus Self-publication (again): House devotes 100% attention to your book, publishes one book a year, no turn around time to reply. Publishes three weeks after book and cover files are submitted. Author makes minimum 2o% through Amazon or 70% direct sales.

More perhaps soon about the Amazon experience through Lightningsource. Mixed feelings here.

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  1. Was wondering how it went yesterday; sorry to hear all this.

    Still, Fred, it’s a good and important book. Send the dang query letter, why not? Altho… sounds like you might make out as well or better, given your sizable network, with self-publishing. Just don’t give it up…

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