Nature Author/Photographer Fred First to Speak

…at Moneta/Smith Mountain Lake Library, Thursday, May 5, at 6 pm. Public is invited. More details….

For this event, I will likely read three or maybe four pieces that provide very indirect support for the notion that we cannot have “homeland security” if, in our  growing up and in our adult settled years, we do not establish a true and lasting bond to the places we call home and to the land under our feet and the nature around us.

Both the writing and photography, I have realized fairly recently, are means to an end: to lay down benchmarks in time and place, to make maps for myself, to take my bearings from these landmarks, and travel on.

This particular presentation will be oral, but the combination of the images and words together, though a more complicated production by far than simply turning the pages to read, is perhaps a more powerful way to share this “place—based” literary and photographic philosophy.


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