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Fragments from Floyd

Second Week: June Books Sale


And oh it is such a nice week in June with low humidity, cool nights and pleasantly-warm days. Lots of hay-making going on.

And you know to make hay while the sunshines, so you also know to order books while the sale shines.

Thanks to those who have ordered, I have a shipment going to the PO tomorrow, so it won’t be long until they arrive at your door.

If you’ve been waiting, don’t. The rains will come and winds will blow and your hay will be all lodged over and go to waste. And you won’t even have any books from Goose Creek to see you through such a tragedy!

Click the PICTURE to go right to the order form, or QUICK CHECK-OUT: forget the order form (for my accounting purposes) and send payment by cash or check today to

Fred First, 1020 Goose Creek Run, Check VA 24072

And many thanks for supporting your local authors in all places. We do it because we all expect to get rich, but some of us actually have a passion for sharing and love the language and all it makes possible between us.

► Both Fred’s Books for $18. Period. 

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