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This Land Goes on Forever

Land Trust: To Grow our Children in Good Earth

A few of you will remember that, a couple of months ago, I was tasked with “telling from a child’s point of view why land conservation is so important.”

My friends a Wordsprint laid out the piece in an imaginative fashion that was complementary to the subject matter, and it is the featured article in this Land Trust newsletter.

Click this link to read it at Scribd.

2 thoughts on “This Land Goes on Forever”

  1. Wow. That’s really touching, Fred. I hope there are lots of girls and boys who can stop playing with their electronic gadgets and appreciate the natural world around themselves, for a change. Every time my nephew comes to visit, he is so scared by the golden orb spiders that he won’t go into the woods. The last time my niece visited, she never took her eyes off the gadget she held in her hands. Sigh….

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