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  • Fred’s Etsy Storefront for purchasing the Photo-NoteCard sets many of you have been asking about. (I’m about the pull the trigger on this when my inventory is replenished. Soon and very soon!)
  • Fred’s Flickr gallery
  • Blog posts labeled PHOTOIMAGE at Fragments from Floyd (this also includes some borrowed images since the archived posts won’t show any image thumbnail unless tagged in this way.)

Fred’s Essays in the Wild

  • Roanoke Star: Find quite a few of the mixed assortment of serious to farcical essays and stories I contributed to this home-town Roanoke newspaper during the three-plus years I contributed biweekly columns there. Fred at Roanoke Star (Star Sentinel) I’m sorry to say that I cannot go to the Roanoke Times op-ed pieces I’ve contributed. Or to seven years of biweekly “Road Less Traveled” columns in the Floyd Press.
  • Richard Louv’s Child and Nature Network: The Wisdom of One Place Understood
  • Medium: Stories and Ideas Fred’s pieces at Medium
  • Scribd: an Archive of Documents, Books and much more
  • Fred’s collection at Scribd

Fred’s Audio/Podcasts/Etc

Some are NPR essays recorded at WVTF Roanoke; others I made here at my desk. Quality varies. For now, these are played on site from Dropbox–wait for the file to load, then click the play button if it does not auto-play. This is a sampling. Might add more. Settle for a few minutes. Relax and listen.

  • Hawkbonding: Nature writing on the spot as it happened, just beyond the house. It’s all about keeping our eyes and ears trained for the wonders around us.
  • Pennyroyal: Another nostalgic reflection on things lost–when we left the mountains for a sojourn that turned out to be temporary. We’re home now.
  • Sea Change: This piece–and the next–are exhortations to rethink the way we relate to Spaceship Earth–as crew, as stewards of our children’s legacy.
  • Floyd: Down to Earth: from an EarthDay presentation, then presented in long form later with changes for the Methodist group talk in May
  • Beautiful Insects of Summer: a celebration of the ikky world of wondrous insects: fireflies, dragonflies and butterflies (none of which are flies at all!)
  • Country Phones, City Mice : Just for fun, I re-imagined smart phones for country people like me. The Road Apple. Sorry, couldn’t resist.
  • Hush, My Babe: and because it was there with some other audio files, singing and strumming, a song Ann requested I sing in church. I did. I apologize.
  • Slow Road Home excerpt p7-12 (if there was interest, I’d think about creating an audio version of Slow Road as a paid download. Nah.) This was recorded at WVTF for Radio Readers for the Blind.

Fred’s * Community Presentations partial list…

  • Native Plant Society
  • Floyd Earth Day
  • Retired Methodist Annual Outing at Altamons
  • Wednesday Club-Danville VA
  • Tedx Floyd (my part some called “Fredx” at TEdx Floyd)
  • Retired Teachers Association
  • Bent Mt Community Association
  • Food and Faith: Blacksburg Methodist Church…see related Prezi on Ethical Eating
  • Warm Hearth Retirement Community

[* Most presentations lately are not so much from or even about my books but instead use my digital imagery to explore the ways we can repair our broken relationships to nature, place and community as we move deeper into the Anthropocene. ]

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